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You can pay using any of the following methods.

  1. Debit Card
  2. Credit Card
  3. Paypal: This requires to be a Paypal verified account and a confirmed shipping address
  4. Electronic Bank Transfer: Once the order is placed you will have 72 hrs for us to receive payment otherwise the order will be cancelled and any future orders may not be allowed.
  5. There is a £500 limit which includes delivery on credit/debit card and Paypal payments. Any orders above this limit will require you to do an electronic bank transfer to pay for the order.
  6. Cheques: We do not accept cheques, please use one of the alternative methods listed above.
  1. Debit and credit cards we will only deliver to the card holders registered address.
  2. Paypal we will only deliver to a Paypal verified account and confirmed address.
  3. If you wish for your goods to be delivered to an alternative address you will require to electronically do a bank transfer to pay for the order.
How much is delivery?

This depends how much we deliver and the destination, however below are a few costs to give you an idea.

  1. Box to most of the UK is £5, then £1.80 for each lot.
  2. Box to postcodes with prefix AB, IV, KW, PA, PH, HS, KA, ZE, GY, PO, TR, BT, FK, IM, IV, JE, PO £12, then £1.80 for each lot.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes with the following conditions.
  1. Payment will be electronic transfer.
  2. We will either quote for delivery or you arrange collection.
  3. During the checkout process, please select 'Arrange own Collection' for delivery services.
  4. You will be responsible for any taxes due on entry into your country.

You can collect the goods as long as the following conditions are met.

  1. Pay via electronic bank transfer.
  2. Bring Invoice and photo ID.
  3. If courier company picking up on your behalf, they have a copy of the invoice and you let us know who will be picking it up. They may also require photo ID.

We will only accept a return if the product(s) sent are incorrect. We do our best to make sure that the product(s) are described accurately and graded correctly, however we sometimes may make a small error for example incorrectly quoting the colour or a grade 1 is debatable to be grade 2 as a defect was missed, however you will find that we do our best to make sure the product details are accurate. Please remember the nature of the goods and therefore all sales are final. If we do accept a return please do the following.

  1. Contact us before returning.
  2. We will issue you with a return number.
  3. Ship the product(s) where we have to sign for the product.
  4. Insure the products during transit. If you do not and we do not receive the products you will only be able to claim for what they were insured for during transit.
  5. We will only accept the return if the products are retuned complete, in the same condition that we originally sent them and in there original packaging.
  6. We will only refund the return shipment if we shipped the wrong products.
  7. The return number is only valid for 7 days after which we reserve the right to refuse the products.
If you return a product(s) without authorisation we may refuse the returned product(s).
Type of Goods

Liquidation goods you will be purchasing either a box, pallet or container load depending on the level of investment you wish to do. When buying goods they are either taken from the shop floor to make room for new stock, overstock or returned by the customer. Customer returns are usually graded whether they are undamaged or not, where a damaged item may be the zipper is broken. Whatever the grade type even if taken from the shop floor they are usually NOT retail ready, that is they may be creased and require some preparation before being sold.


  1. Store Stock: These are items that have been taken from the shop floor to make room for new stock. The majority will have there original tags and occasionally an item may be marked while customers have tried them on in the changing rooms.
  2. Grade 1: These are store stock or returned items that have been checked as either no fault or very minor fault that may require to be repaired. Other reasons why may be grade 1.
    1. Tag removed
    2. Packaging damaged like a torn box.
    3. No packaging
    4. Missing item, for example if a pack of 3 t-shirts may only be 2 in the pack, please note we will let you know if there are only 2 items instead of 3.
  3. Grade 2: These are store stock or returned items that have been checked as damaged such as:
    1. No button
    2. Broken Zipper
    3. Slight Tear
    4. Soiled

What are the white Labels?

Sometimes the tag will have a white label on the tag saying customer return. These are generally store stock and been placed on the item to prevent store returns.


Some our merchandise is bought up from large retailers abroad, and therefore sometimes the sizing will be in there units. Generally speaking you will require to note the following.
  1. Global brands such as Calvin Klein generally have all country sizing information on the label.
  2. Men's clothing generally speaking is the same, that is a 34 inch waist is a 34 inch waist, a small is a small.
  3. Woman's lingerie generally speaking is the same, that is a bra is 34C and panties are small, medium etc, however occasionally there may be a number say for a pair of trousers which may specific to that country, for example a size 0 in the US is a UK size 4. We will say in the description.
  4. Kids are usually in months and years and therefore the same.

Who can purchase your merchandise?

Anyone, you do not have to be a registered business you may be a start-up, eBayer, market trader, independent shop owner, or been a retailer for a number of years or just wish to earn some extra money. Please remember this is business to business so all sales are final. We try our best to make sure where indicated the inventories are correct, however occasionally there may be a small error such as a colour incorrectly quoted.

Can we view the products?

Not at this present time. We provide many photos and a description of the products on the website.

Are the photos the actual products?

Generally speaking yes, if the photo shows a tag does not necessarily mean that the product you will receive will have a tag, and occasionally the design may vary, for example if the band of pants has white writing, you may receive one with black writing, however for most what you see is exactly what you get.

Are your products authentic?

Yes, they are sourced from some very large reputable companies.

Which country are your products located in?

United Kingdom

Is your website secure?

Yes, all personal details are over a secure connection and all payments are taken by Paypal or Sagepay which meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 the highest there is.

Are you VAT registered?


Do I have to be VAT registered?

Product Status meanings
  1. In Stock: The product is in stock and can be ordered
  2. Out Of Stock: The product is out of stock and we do not know whether we will get anymore in.
  3. Reserved: The product is the last one we have in stock and is currently in the process of being paid for. If they do not pay the status will go to ‘In Stock’.
Order Status meanings
  1. Awaiting Shipment Quote: TheLockUp will get back to you with a shipment quote.
  2. Awaiting Payment: TheLockUp is waiting for the order to be paid for.
  3. Awaiting Stock: TheLockUp is waiting for more stock.
  4. Being Processed: Payment has been authorised.
  5. Order Placed: TheLockUp has accepted the order.
  6. Packing: Order currently being packed and cannot be cancelled.
  7. Shipped: Order shipped to buyer.
  8. Cancelled: Order cancelled either by TheLockUp or the buyer.

How do we contact you?

Go to our contact us page.
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