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ID: 2181-1998
Gender: Women
Brand: Fashion Form
Grade: Store Stock
Value: £31.20
VAT: £6.24
Size: Various
Colour: Various
In Stock


RRP: £156

Fashion Forms 3 in 1 bra and shaping pads. The lot contains 5 Items in Total, most in boxes. These are broken down as follows.

Break Down By Type
- 3 x Bra's
- 2 x Shaping pads

Break Down By Colour
- 1 x Beige Bra's
- 2 x Black Bra's
- 2 x Transparent Shaping pads

Break Down By Size
- 1 x 34B
- 1 x 32B
- 1 x 32C
- 2 x One Size Fits All (OSFA)
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